Dewis arall i blatfformau fideo Tech Mawr

PeerTube is a tool for sharing online videos developed by Framasoft, a french non-profit.

We're planning a great future for PeerTube!

Hiring another developer, developing an official mobile app, promoting the PeerTube ecosystem... These are a few of the things we plan to do in 2024, on top of an exciting v7 roadmap.

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Beth ydy PeerTube?

PeerTube allows you to create your own video platform, in complete independence.

With PeerTube, no more opaque algorithms or obscure moderation policies! PeerTube platforms you visit are built, managed and moderated by their owners.

PeerTube allows platforms to be connected to each other, creating a big network of platforms that are both autonomous and interconnected.

Hefyd, dydy PeerTube ddim yn dibynnu ar hysbysebion a ddim yn eich tracio chi!

Beth sydd ar PeerTube?

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PeerTube is not subject to the monopoly of any company

Fel yr offer eraill a ddatblygwyd gan Framasoft, PeerTube yn eich ystyried fel person ac nid fel cynnyrch i gael eich proffilio a'ch cloi mewn dolenni fideo.

Mae PeerTube am ddim, cod agored, ac nid-er-elw.

Comin digidol moesegol a chod agored

Chi sy'n rheoli PeerTube. Ymunwch â ni i wella PeerTube gyda'ch syniadau, awgrymiadau neu trwy addasu'r cod ffynhonnell.

PeerTube is a free software, not a secret formula that belongs to Google (in the case of Youtube) or to Vivendi/Bolloré (Dailymotion). This free/libre license guarantees our fundamental freedoms as users.

Cwestiynau? Rydyn ni'n yma eich helpu!

PeerTube is a tool that you install on a web server. It allows you to create a video hosting website, so create your "homemade YouTube".

The difference to YouTube is that it's not intended to create a huge platform centralizing videos from the whole world on a single server farm (which is horribly expensive).

On the contrary, PeerTube's concept is to create a network of multiple small interconnected video hosting providers.

Rydyn ni'n gallu ymateb yn gryf: na!

The ambition remains to be a free and decentralized alternative: the goal of an alternative is not to replace, but to propose something else, with different values, in parallel to what already exists.

PeerTube is unique because (as far as we know) it's the only video hosting web application which combines three advantages:

Cod agored o dan drwydded rhydd / libre

  • PeerTube is freely provided, no need to pay to install it on your server;
  • We can look under the hood of PeerTube (its source code): it's auditable, transparent;
  • It can be enhanced by everyone's contributions.

Mae'n ffederasiwn o ddarparwyr cynnal rhyng-gysylltiedig

  • It decentralizes video storage and decision-making power;
  • We can display videos and accounts of other PeerTube websites;
  • It's based on ActivityPub to connect with tools like Mastodon for example.

Darlledu cydradd

  • It reduces server bandwidth overload if a video becomes viral;
  • We become an actor of the video broadcasting;
  • It's based on WebRTC, a free and open-source project for web browsers.