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PeerTube v3.1 is out!
March 24, 2021

Hi everybody,

After releasing PeerTube v3 in early January, it's time for a new main version with plenty of improvements and new features. Here are some explanations on what this v3.1 brings us.

Better transcoding features

Transcoding? It's the process of converting an audio or video file from one encoding format to another so media files can be visible on different platforms and devices. On PeerTube, we use the FFmpeg program to transcode the videos you upload. You probably have noticed the warning message when you post a video saying "This video is being transcoded, it may not work properly yet". In fact, until transcoding is complete, your video may not be seen from all your devices.

Until now, transcoding rules were the same for every PeerTube instance: you couldn't modify them. From this v3.1, you can create transcoding profiles by installing plugins on instances. Instance administrators can select a transcoding profile adapted to their needs after installing a plugin. We hope many of them will create such plugins to customize their FFmpeg settings.

For example, you can now create a specific transcoding profile that highlights live videos (over other videos) in terms of bandwidth. In addition, the administrator of a PeerTube instance specialized in broadcasting musical contents will be happy to know he can create a high quality audio profile.

This v3.1 also changes the way transcoding tasks are managed. Before, and for each instance, transcoding occured chronologically as users were uploading videos. Thus when a video maker was uploading several videos in a row, he prevented video transcoding from other users of the instance. Therefore we have modified the priority management system for these transcoding jobs so that when a user upload several files at the same time, the transcoding of some of his videos is de-prioritized (they are on standby) if another user upload a file. In other words, administrators can give an higher priority to optimize jobs and can decrease priority of transcoding jobs depending on the amount of videos uploaded by the user in the last 7 days. This prevents one single user from blocking other people's contents' uplaods: it's more fair. Besides, administrators can now see the progress of video transcoding in the list of on-going jobs on their instance.

Finally, instance administrators can now choose how many simultaneous transcoding jobs they support. Of course, transcoding several videos at once requires an important computing power. If you want to allow the transcoding of more than one video at once on your instance, make sure you have the proper hardware.

More and more pleasant interfaces

As we know that PeerTube interface is not always easy to understand, we still improve it so that everyone feels comfortable using this tool.

The disappearance of the "most liked" category, in the left menu, is the most visible change. In return, we added to the "trending" category 3 options for sorting videos:

  • hot: a selection of recent videos with the most interactions
  • views: videos with the most views in the last 24 hours
  • likes: the most liked videos

We have modified some elements in the Administration menu (available for instance administrators only). For example in the "users" tab, the "Create user" button is now on the left side to be more visible. Also administrators can now customize the value of video quota (total and daily) of each user.

And also:

You can now easily subscribe to an account hosted on a different instance from the one you have registered on (remote account) by clicking on the "subscribe" button under a video and then by entering your PeerTube ID (username@domain).

Instance administrators can now choose how many simultaneous import jobs they support (whether these imports are realized through a URL or a torrent). This prevents big instances from having long waiting lists.

Finally, we have also implemented a system of async torrent creation on video upload in order to fix some upload errors bugs.

We have made many other improvements in this new version. You can read the whole list (in English) on

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors!

A plugin selection on
March 11, 2021


In September 2019 when PeerTube v.1.4 was released, we announced the creation of a plugin system. This system allows PeerTube instance administrators to create and/or install plugins depending on their specific feature needs, without having to rely on our small non-profit for this creative work.

Did you know that there are now more than 40 plugins available for PeerTube instance administrators?

To support the installation of these plugins, we have just created a new page in which we will often highlight a plugin selection. Thus we hope that more and more instance administrators will install them to improve their instance features.

We first have chosen to highlight 4 plugins:

We will regularly add other plugins to this selection. Have a good discovery!

PeerTube v3 is out, with p2p livestreaming!
January 7, 2021


It has been a very busy 6 months, but we have completed our roadmap and just released version 3 of PeerTube!

Illustration CC-BY david revoy

We would like to thank every person who has contributed to the fundraising of the v3 for their generosity (especially in a difficult time for everyone). Thanks also to the sponsors of this v3, Octopuce, Code Lutin and the Debian project. Last but not least, our deepest thanks to every person who, in their own way, worked and contributed to help this v3 get complete.

Happy free-libre live streams,

The Release Candidate for PeerTube v3 is live!
December 16, 2020

Hi everybody,

PeerTube v3 is almost complete, and we have just published a RC (release candidate) for admins who like to try it and give us feedback so we can publish a beautiful v3 in early January.

A barebone yet functioning p2p live streaming

The big feature of this v3 will be live streaming, and we're proud to say that it works fine! 🎉🎉🎉

We've had lots of tests and feedback from pioneers (shout out to Le Canard Réfractaire for their help), and we are now confident that a PeerTube p2p live stream can scale up to hundreds of simultaneous users (but not thousands - not yet).

In the different tests we've had, we have managed to keep lag between 30s to 1mn. To our knowledge, peer-to-peer live broadcasting will induce an incompressible lag between the streamer and the audience. Ultimately, this lag will depend on the server charge (how many live streams are happening at the same time) and bandwidth.

We encourage admins to enable live transcoding for live streaming. Even though it will take processing power and induce some lag, it is really essential to facilitate the experience both for streamers (who can use basic OBS settings) and for viewers (who can watch in their preferred video resolution).

With this v3, admins will have the option to enable live streaming, for which they can set a maximum number of ongoing and awaiting live streams (per user and for the whole instance). They will also be able to set up a maximum duration limit for live streams.

Two ways to set up your live

As you can see in our how to go live documentation, PeerTube streamers will need a broadcasting software (we recommend the Free-Libre software OBS), and use the live RTMP key.

Setting up a new livestream is like uploading a new video. The default setting will get you one PeerTube URL, one video container (with description and thumbnail and tags...), and one RTMP Key for each of your livestreams. This setting is useful if you want to host multiple lives simultaneously on you channel. When your live is finished, it will be replaced by the replay (if both the instance admin and the content creator have activated this setting).

Streamers will also have the option to enable "permanent live". It will work more like Twitch does: your permanent live URL and video container will correspond to a single RTMP key. You can go live and stop it whenever you want, the live will be broadcast on the same URL. This setting does not allow saving a video for replay, though.

There is more than live in life

This v3 comes packed with many changes and improvements.

The sidebar menu has been completely reworked, thanks to the UX design work we did with Marie Cécile Paccard. It is now way easyier to interact with you profile or to distinguish pages displaying what's in your Library from what's on your instance federation bubble.

Notifications have been improved: now, when an account has been muted (either by a user or an admin) the notification of their actions are deleted, which comes really handy when someone is having an activity peak and you d'ont want to clean your notifications one by one ;).

Administrators and moderators have, once again, usefull new tools in this update. There's a new page to facilitate comment moderation, batch actions, the option to delete all comments of an account, or to see unlisted videos uploaded by an account on the instance you moderate.

Warning: fresh paint

There is still a lot to tell about this v3, and people who contributed to make it happen. That's a good thing, because we will talk about it in January, for the v3 release post.

We just wanted to describe briefly what you could expect from this new PeerTube version, and present you our progress with this release candidate.

In the meantime, if you try and test Peertube v3 RC and its live feature, please be sure to give us some feedback on the code respository issues or on our forum.

Have a great holydays and stay safe,

Introducing SepiaSearch!
September 22, 2020

Hi everybody,

We have just released SepiaSearch, our search engine to help you discover videos and channels on PeerTube!

We've worked hard to ensure that this engine respects your data, your attention and your freedoms.

Please remember to share the roadmap to v3 page, where people can learn more about (and support) ou plans for PeerTube.

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors!

PeerTube 2.4 is out!
September 08, 2020

Hi everybody,

In mid-july, we released PeerTube 2.3 and now here is the 2.4 version. This latest release implements features we've already told you about in the last news as we still follow our roadmap. Let us present you in details our latest innovations!

More efficient moderation tools

It was already possible to report videos, and now you can also report accounts and comments. It's very simple to inform moderators of an instance about a problematic account. Go to the account page, click on the 3 horizontal dots on the right of the profile name, and select Report this account. A window will appear in which you can indicate the issue encountered and/or describe it. In the same way, it is now easy to report a comment: click on the Options menu under the comment you wish to report and select Report this comment.

Reports are also sent to moderators of the instance where the reported item (video, account or comment) is hosted. They are displayed in the Administration menu - Moderation tab - Reports page. The new video player on this page makes it easier to accept or reject a report. Moderators can also send messages to local accounts (registered on the same instance) that made reports: they just have to go to the column Messages and click on the little bubble.

Users who report an item are notified when their report status changed (accepted/rejected) and when they get a message from moderators. They can see the list of reports they made in Account Settings - Misc tab - My Abuse Reports page. In this page, you can send a message to your instance moderators by clicking on the bubble-shaped icon in the Messages column.

Playlist system improved

If it was easy to embed a PeerTube video on a website or to share it on social media, it wasn't possible to embed playlists. So we worked on their integration on third party websites. It's now very easy to share playlists with the embed code:

PeerTube's playlists already allow you to list just one clip of a video (and not the whole video), but they did not allow you to include several clips of one video in the same playlist. It is now possible and really simple: go on the page of the video, click on the Save button under the video, tick a playlist and then click on the + icon next to the playlist name. An additional field will allow you to enter different time-codes you wish to add. Playlists can be very useful remix tools, e.g. for educational purposes.

An annotation PeerTube plugin

This annotation PeerTube plugin allows you to display information in the player at a given time of a video. To do so, once the plugin is installed on the instance, you just have to go on the uploaded video information page, open the Plugin settings tab and then add your annotations and their time code. The placement of the annotations is in the player top right corner by default, but you can choose other locations. The annotations format must respect specific rules:

  • start: when to show the annotation
  • stop: when to hide the annotation
  • options: set options for your annotation (e.g. position)
  • HTML: content of your annotation (in html)

This may give for example:

More pleasant and accessible interfaces

We made many improvements to the PeerTube interface in this new release. We would like to take this opportunity to thanks two contributors, @Kimsible and @Rigelk, who developed/improved the following components.

The comment window composer has been improved: there is now a small button indicating that you can use the Markdown format. A delete/rewrite feature on comments with no replies, that we already know from other software in the fediverse like Mastodon, has also been implemented.

The administration menu of an instance is clearer. When one of the tabs of this menu bar is open, the other tabs are grayed out, which helps you to find your way around more easily. In the Users tab, the users' table layout has been modified: the action button is now on the left, to facilitate management on mobile devices, the video quota is now displayed as a progress bar and the role of each user is immediately recognizable with the use of different colors.


We have also improved the video edition form (that you can access when you upload or update a video). The menu to select the channel now displays the channel icon and the language selector displays the language currently set by the instance on top of the list. Finally, the privacy selector provides a clearer description of the available choices.

And also:

We have also improved PeerTube performances: loading an instance's interface for the first time is now faster. We also have fixed a few bugs on the player that were reported to us.

This new release includes many other improvements. You can see the complete list on

In other news, we are going to change the moderation policy of the public instances index we maintain on The new moderation terms are stated in the header and will take effect on Monday September, 21.

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors!

[V3 Roadmap] Moderation ✅, let's improve plugins and playlists!
August 17, 2020

In early August, we entered a new stage in the development of PeerTube v3.

Moderation tools: on the road to 2.4

In early August we finalized the work on the moderation tools: accounts and comments reporting, improving the administration and moderation interface, reporting logs, messages between the moderation team and the reporter…

We will talk more about these tools when we will announce the 2.4 update which is currently in the testing and bugfixing phase.

There is also a new plugin that allows to silence or block a list of predefined instances: our thanks to those who have started to create, publish and share their blocking lists, we hope that this kind of initiatives will multiply!

Playlists, plugins…

As planned, during August and September, we will work to improve the playlists and plugins systems. First, we will work on the embedding of playlists so that they can be shared online.

PeerTube's playlists already allow you to list just one clip of a video (and not the whole video), which can be very useful (especially for educational purposes), but they do not yet allow you to include several clips of one video in the same playlist, so we want to remedy this.

We've already developed several plugins in the last few weeks, which in many cases increases the possibilities of interaction between the plugins and the core PeerTube software. We're going to continue along this path, by creating an annotation plugin, which allows you to display information at a given point in a video.

By the way, if you have created a plugin for PeerTube, feel free to tell us about it on our contributions forum: we are in the process of making a selection to highlight it on

The next two months will be even busier!

The work in progress on the PeerTube experience is going well: several interviews have been conducted, and our designer will soon be sending us summaries with her recommendations. In addition, we are planning to work together on the menus organization, but don't be impatient! This is an in-depth work and the results may only be visible in a few months 😉.

Finally, we had many feedbacks following the release of version 2.3 presenting the global search features. We feel that an important tool is missing: an independent website for the search engine that indexes PeerTube videos.

So we plan to take some time from this third stage of development to create such a web interface and put it online. Of course, this code will be free so that others can publish their PeerTube search page with their own choice of instances to index.

We need your help: please share!

After a dazzling start (thanks to you all), the progressive fundraising for this roadmap has slowed down a lot. Currently, we are halfway through the €60,000 needed to finance these six months of development. Concretely, this means that from the beginning of September, we will finance the progress towards v3 on our own 2020 budget.

So we need your help to share the roadmap around you, and get the word out about PeerTube. Feel free to share this project in your blogs, vlogs, podcasts: some of you have already done so, and it helps us a lot (plus it really warms our free-software-lovers' hearts)!

We count on you to share the roadmap:

PeerTube 2.3 is out!
July 24, 2020

Hi everybody,

In early june, we released PeerTube 2.2 and less than two months later we are releasing this 2.3 version. We are proud to move forward so fast on PeerTube development! As we continue to follow our roadmap, this release incorporates the features we told you about in the latest news. Let's look around and see what it brings us...

Global video search is now available

Roadmap step 1, the video search on the entire vidiverse is now accessible to everyone. By creating this index engine (a tool to index all videos and channels of predefined PeerTube instances), we are now allowing instances administrators to set the search bar of their instance to search on the entire (or a portion of) the vidiverse.

For more details about this feature, please read our explanations on

Information banners on instances

Broadcast message system that allows instances administrators to display information to people who visit it is now active. This is a handy feature to indicate that your instance will be in maintenance on a certain day and that the service might be disrupted... or anything else!

We give you the possibility to display 3 different types of messages:

  • info: blue text on light blue background
  • warning: brown text on light yellow background
  • error: red text on light red background

Many improvements on accessibility

Caroline Chuong (@Pandoraa), consultant at Octo Technology has proposed several contributions to improve PeerTube accessibility. These contributions are essential to bring PeerTube's interfaces accessible to everyone. And as we are aware not being accessibility experts, we are really delighted that contributors give us a hand on this aspect. A big thank to Caroline for her contributions.

New features on content moderation

As indicated in our roadmap, we have spent time improving and adding moderation tools. PeerTube 2.3 includes the ability for instances administrators to delete all comments from a fediverse account with a single click. It is also possible to mute an account directly from a video thumbnail.

In terms of interface, the video report window has been greatly improved by @rigelk. As a reminder, the video reporting feature is accessible if you have an account and are logged in. It is therefore only possible to report videos that you see from the instance where you are registered: either because this video is hosted on your instance, or because your instance is federated to the instance where the video was uploaded.

This new video report window now includes a checklist of possible reasons for the report and offers you a free writing field to specify your report if necessary.

PeerTube 2.2 report window
PeerTube 2.3 report window

Plugins to block or mute instances

The auto-mute plugin allows to automatically hide accounts and instances from a public list while the videos-auto-block plugin can automatically block videos from a public list.

We haven't yet identified any PeerTube instance administrator who use these plugins and generate a public list. But if there is, please let us know on our forum.

And also:

PeerTube is now available in 2 new languages: Vietnamese and Kabyle!

This new release includes many other improvements. You can see the complete list on

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors!

[V3 Roadmap] Global Search ✅, let's go to moderation tools!
July 2, 2020

Here is another step in the PeerTube roadmap leading to v3! June has been dedicated to implement a system to enable global video search across PeerTube instances. Thank you all for being so many in funding this solution! This allows us to be free minded for the next few weeks to work on moderation tools.

Thanks to your support we've been able to develop the system of global video search on PeerTube during June. We have published a tool which index all videos and channels from all PeerTube instances listed on the public directory.

This index engine code is under FLOSS license so that anyone can host their own index engine and set their own eligibility rules. As an example, if you want to set up a search interface that only allows you to search for videos hosted on instances dedicated to video games, you will just have to create a list including all instances URLs you have selected and put it online. So that the index engine can refer to it and return you the appropriate results.

In the next version of the software, each PeerTube instance administrator will be able to choose to use one of these index engines to allow specific searches in the search bar of its instance.

This index engine has common features with the PeerTube search engine (API). So, you could use this global search system in two different ways: by creating a dedicated web interface for it or by integrating it on a PeerTube instance search. We will give you more details on this feature on mid-July when we will publish the 2.3 release.

But that's not all!

In the last few months, we have created 2 new plugins:

We haven't yet identified any PeerTube instance administrator who use these plugins and generate a public list. So we are requesting the community to create these lists on our forum.

Meanwhile, we have developed an information message system which allow PeerTube instance administrators to display information to people who visit it. This is very handy to indicate that your instance will be in maintenance on a certain day at a certain time and that the service may be disrupted.

July: spending time on moderation tools

As announced in the roadmap, the upcoming weeks will be dedicated to improve and add moderation tools. As each new version of PeerTube has added new moderation features, there is still a lot of work to be done to facilitate contents and accounts management in the fediverse. That's why we will take several weeks of development exclusively on this topic.

PeerTube 2.2 version already features improvements on video reporting interface, such as search filters, quick actions on videos and accounts, video thumbnails, quick access to embed, etc.

During July we will continue to develop features such as:

  • comments moderation;
  • moderation reports linked to an account;
  • moderation history;
  • returns on actions taken (or not) following a report;
  • fight against spam.

This list isn't exhaustive and it's possible that we may include other developments, depending on feedback from the community.

We still need your support

After a boom start during the first few weeks, this rising funds campaign is now stagnating at just over €27,000. So we still need your support to finance the third step of development (dedicated to plugins and playlists) which will start in August. Also, feel free to share the roadmap around you.

PeerTube 2.2 is out!
June 03, 2020

Hi everybody,

After showcasing our roadmap for PeerTube V3, we are happy to announce that version 2.2 is out. Let's look around and see what it brings us...

Many improvements interface-wise

Version 2.2 includes many improvements to make PeerTube's interfaces more pleasant to use. The most visible improvement is definitely the search bar. Located in the top right, this search bar now offers indications to make an efficient search. For instance, you can search for a channel with its name but also by using the @channel_id@domain form.

When you want to download a video on PeerTube (to do this, you just need to click on the three horizontal dots located in the menu under the video, and select Download), a window now shows detailed information about the file. This new feature is only active for videos uploaded after the release of version 2.2.

Users who aren't logged in now have a Settings button in the left menu that will let them customize how they use PeerTube:

  • using P2P or not,
  • displaying sensitive video thumbnails or not,
  • filtering videos based on language,
  • choosing an interface theme,
  • activating automatic video playback or not,

Another very convenient improvement: you can now drag and drop to upload a video file. No need to click "Select file" anymore, you only need to use your mouse, touchpad or fingers to drag and drop your video file from your hard drive.

Video imports via URL have been improved: you can now import subtitles and even get the video license and language. Quite useful when you want to duplicate a video from another PeerTube instance while keeping all the metadata.

We already offered a markdown editor to, for instance, format text in the Description field when you upload a video. We have improved upon this editor to make it more clear, and we added a fullscreen mode.

PeerTube also allows you to import audio files. Quite a nice feature to share musical arrangements or podcasts without having to make a clip. When you upload the audio file, it is even possible to add an illustrative picture that will be fused with the file. However, be careful because the picture you choose will be definitive and you will not be able to change it.

As the administrator of an instance, you will have acces to a new interface to manage duplicated videos via the redundancy system. You can now see a list of the videos from your instance that have duplicated onto other instances. But most importantly, we now show you a list of videos you have duplicated and we show you how much space they take with graphs (aren't our pie charts pretty?).

The video abuses management interface has also been improved: we added research filters, quick actions you can take regarding videos and accounts, video thumbnails in the chart, quick access to embed, etc.

The majority of these improvements have come to be thanks to external contribution from @rigelk et @kimsible. Big thanks to the two of them!

New plugins for varied experiences

In this new version, we have made it possible for plugins to define external authentication methods and developed 3 authentication plugins:

Thus, it is now possible to authenticate users via an external server (OpenID or SAMLv2 compatible) or via an LDAP directory. This work was made possible thanks to funding from the "Direction du Numérique pour l'Éducation du Ministère de l'Éducation et de la Jeunesse" (France).

We also added some hooks (entry points towards actions lists) to the plugins system, which will allow developers to create new plugins dedicated to moderation:

  • deleting a video,
  • validating a URL/torrent import,
  • ability to hide/unhide an instance or an account,
  • blacklisting or unblacklisting a video.

From these additions a plugin was born, still in testing to this day: peertube-plugin-auto-mute, which allows you to automatically hide accounts and instances depending on a public list. If you want other admins to be able to use your public list of accounts and instances to hide, do not hesitate to make a pull request on the plugin's README.

And also:

This v2 adds HTML support (on top of text mode) in emails sent by PeerTube, making them less austere and avoiding bugs where links would get shortened.

The admin of a PeerTube instance can choose to auto follow other instances. Before, the majority of admins used this feature to automatically follow all the instances in the public index (which causes moderation issues). It is now possible for anyone to share a list of instances (on github, gitlab, pastebin, etc.) so that the admins of a PeerTube instance can use that list's web address to make their instance automatically follow the instances of that shared list. This lets users create auto follow lists within small groups.

And finally, we improved the embed API, allowing websites that embed a PeerTube video to have better control over the player: knowing the video's length, knowing when playback is over, exporting video subtitles, indicating a specific subtitle to activate. More info on

This new release includes many other improvements. You can see the complete list (in English) on

Thanks to all those who contribute to PeerTube!

PeerTube 2.1 is out!
February 12, 2020

Hi everybody,

A few months after PeerTube V2 announcement, we are pleased to announce you that version 2.1 has been released. Here's a quick overview of the features it brings...

An even more pleasant interface

We are continually striving to improve PeerTube's interface by collecting users opinions so that we know what is causing them trouble (in terms of understanding and usability for example). Firstly, even if it's no big deal, we have added a small animation on the videos when you play and pause them. We really like this little development! We also worked on the different icons graphics on the video viewing page. The icons and buttons are now more refined and you can also see the icons I like / I don't like without being connected. It provides users to understand how they can interact with the video.

When you are logged in and put your mouse on videos' thumbnails, a small clock-shaped icon appears in the thumbnail's upper right corner to display Watch Later. Click it to add the video to your Watch Later playlist.

We also improved the contents' layout of PeerTube presentation page located in About category / PeerTube tab. On this page, you now have easy access to PeerTube documentation, to the various apps available and to the PeerTube Contribution Guide.

An enhanced documentation

We are aware that documenting software allows more people to use it. That's why we added many contents to the PeerTube documentation. PeerTube's administrators can now find information on how to use remote storage, how to manage videos' redundancy between instances and how to use PeerTube logs to understand what happens on their instances. We also added information on the various available features to customize an instance's interface, on moderation tools and how to mute instances or accounts.

Because providing a video player easily integrated into any web environment is essential for us, PeerTube now provides a library for developers to control the integration of a video player via the PeerTube Embed API.

Developments on comments

Interactivity with users is one of the recipes to success on videos platforms. Interacting with Internet users and responding to comments helps content producers to build an audience. That's why this latest version includes enhancements that help video makers to interact more with their viewers.

First, the comments' graphic layout has been modified: it is now easier to find your way between original comments and answers. Avatars' visuals placed next to each user name have been improved and the display name (and its identifier) are now more readable. When a video maker responds to a comment on one of his videos, it is easier to identify him or her because his name is highlighted.

It is now possible to display comments according to 2 criteria: the most recent first (default display) or most replies first.

Another news: you can now write comments in Markdown language in a restricted syntax.

Finally, we added an Options menu underneath users' comments to mute an account or an instance very easily.

More features

As some of you asked us, we added a new privacy mode. You can now choose to broadcast a video in internal mode: the video is available only for connected users to the instance on which the video is uploaded. This feature allows a video to be watched only by a group of friends, family or work.

PeerTube now automatically generates hyperlinks when a time code is mentioned in the video description or comments. Handy for mentioning a part of the video or making a chapter in the description!

Finally, the collaborative translation of PeerTube's contents is now done using Weblate, which is much more powerful and pleasant to use than the tool we we're using until now (Zanata).

This new release includes many other improvements. You can see the complete list on

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors!

Release of PeerTube v2, and redesign of JoinPeertube
November 12, 2019


After a year of work and improvements, we have just released version 2 of PeerTube! Everything is explained in detail in the Framablog article that we invite you to read.

We present, among other things:

  • features and improvements since v1 of November 2018;
  • work to facilitate the federation and presentation of proceedings;
  • the new version of JoinPeertube, which is enriched by this work;
  • PeerTube's official documentation site (administration and use);
  • our desires and projects for the future of PeerTube (we are considering a new crowdfunding, and dreaming of a video-remix tool and of live streaming!).

These improvements are the result of the many contributions of the members of the PeerTube community (thank you!), but also of a year of work that we have financed through donations that support all of our association's projects, currently in a donation campaign.


PeerTube 1.4 is out!
September 25, 2019

Hi everybody,

Peertube 1.4 just came out! Here's a quick overview of what's new…

Plug-in system

Since PeerTube's launch, we have been aware that every administrator and user wishes to see the software fulfill their needs. As Framasoft cannot and will not develop every feature that could be hoped for, we have from the start of the project planned on creating a plug-in system.

We are pleased to announce that the foundation stones of this system have been laid in this 1.4 release! It might be very basic for now, but we plan on improving it bit by bit in Peertube's future releases.

Now, this system allows each administrator to create specific plug-ins depending on their needs. They may install extensions created by other people on their instance as well. For example, it is now possible to install community created graphical themes to change the instance visual interface.

A better interface

We strive to improve PeerTube's interface by collecting users' opinions so that we know what is causing them trouble (in terms of understanding and usability for example). Even though this is a time-consuming undertaking, this new release already offers you a few modifications.

First of all, we realized that most people who discover PeerTube have a hard time understanding the difference between a channel and an account. Indeed, on others video broadcasting services (such as YouTube) these two things are pretty much the same.

However, on PeerTube each account is linked to one or multiple channels that can be named as the users sees fit. You also have to create at least one channel when creating an account. Once the channels have been created, users can upload videos to each channel to organize their contents (for example, you could have a channel about cooking and another one about biking).

2 channels on Framasoft's account on FramaTube instance
2 channels on Framasoft's account on FramaTube instance

In order to make this channel idea more understandable, we have changed the sign-up form, which from now on consists of two steps:

  • Step 1: account creation (choosing your username, password, email, etc.)
  • Step 2: choosing your default channel name via a new form
the new sign-up form in 2 steps
the new sign-up form in 2 steps
  • We also aimed to differentiate a channel homepage from that of an account. These two pages used to list videos, whereas now the account homepage lists all the channel linked to the account by showing under each channel name the thumbnail from the last videos uploaded on it.
  • Another unclear element was the video sharing pop-up. We have improved it, and it is now possible to share or embed a video by making it start and/or finish at a precise moment (time-code feature), to decide which subtitles will appear by default, and to loop the video. These new options will surely be greatly enjoyed.
customization options when video sharing
customization options when video sharing

More features

Our wonderful community of translators is once again to thank for their work, after they enriched PeerTube with 3 new languages: Finnish, Greek and Scottish Gaelic, making PeerTube now available in 22 languages.

We also added a new feature allowing you to upload an audio file directly to PeerTube: the software will automatically create a video from the audio file. This much awaited for feature should make life easier for music makers :)

This new release includes many other improvements. You can see the complete list on .

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors!

PeerTube 1.3 is out!
June 5, 2019


We've just released PeerTube 1.3 and it brings a lot of new features.

The most important of these new features is the playlist system. This feature allows any user to create a playlist in which it's possible to add videos and reorder them. Videos added to a playlist can be viewed entirely or partially: the creator of the playlist can decide when the video playback starts and/or ends (timecode system). This system is really useful to create all kinds of zappings or educational contents by selecting extracts from videos which interest you. In addition, a "Watch Later" playlist is created by default for each user. Thus, you can save videos in this playlist when you don't have time to watch them immediately.

Another feature of this 1.3 version has been entirely developed by an external contributor: Josh Morel who add a quarantine system for videos on PeerTube. If the administrator of an instance enables this feature, any new video uploaded on his instance will automatically be hidden until a moderator approves it.

PeerTube translation community have done a huge job. 3 new languages are now available: Japanese, Dutch and European Portuguese (PeerTube already support Brazilian Portuguese). Amazing! PeerTube is now available in 19 languages!

Now, administrators can manage more finely how other instances subscribe to their own instance. The administrator can decide whether or not to approve the subscription of another instance to its own. It is also possible to activate automatic rejection for any new subscription to its instance. Finally, a notification is created as soon as the administrator's instance receives a new subscription. These features help administrators control on which instances their content is displayed.

We're also redesigning the PeerTube video player to offer better video playback and to correct a few bugs. With this new player, resolution changes should be smoother and the bandwidth management is optimized with a more efficient buffering system. Version 1.3 of PeerTube also adds ability for administrators to enable this new experimental player so we can get feedback on it. We hope to use this new player by default in the future.

Finally, we have made some adjustments to the user interface so it easier and nicer to use. For instance, video thumbnails are becoming bigger so that they're more highlighted. Users now have a quick access to their library from the menu that includes their playlists, videos, video watching history and their subscriptions.

Many other improvements have been made in this new version. You can see the complete list on

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors!

PeerTube: retrospective, new features and more to come!
February 26, 2019

Since version 1.0 has been released last November, we went on improving PeerTube, day after day. These improvements on PeerTube go well beyond the objectives fixed during the crowdfunding. They have been funded by the Framasoft non-profit, which develops the software (and lives only through your donations).

Here is a small retrospective of the end of 2018/beginning of 2019:

In December 2018, we released version 1.1 which contained some moderation tools requested by instance administrators.
We also took the opportunity to add a watched videos history feature and the automatic resuming of video playback.

In January, we released version 1.2 that supports 3 new languages: Russian, Polish and Italian. Thanks to PeerTube's community of translators, PeerTube is now translated into 16 different languages!

This version also includes a notification system that allows users to be informed (on the web interface or through email) when their video is commented, when someone mention them, when one of their subscriptions has published a new video, etc.

In the meantime, the PeerTube federation has grown: today, more than 300 instances broadcast more than 70,000 videos, with nearly 2 million cumulated views. We remind you that the only official website we maintain around PeerTube is and that we bear no responsibility on any other site that may be published.

As you can see, we have gone far beyond what the crowdfunding has funded. And we will continue!
For 2019, we plan to add a plugin and theme management system (even though basic at first), playlist management, support for audio files upload and many other features.

If you also to contribute to the growing of PeerTube, you can participate in its funding here:

If you have any questions, feel free to use our forum:

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors!

PeerTube crowdfunding newsletter #4
October 16, 2018

Hello everyone!

We are now in mid-October! As promised, we have just released the first stable version of PeerTube.

It implements all stretch goals we planned in our crowdfunding:

  • Localization support (as we write these lines, PeerTube is already available in 13 different languages!)
  • Subtitles support
  • Ability to import videos through an URL (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many others!)
  • Ability to import a video through a torrent file or a magnet URI
  • RSS feeds, allowing you to track new videos published in all federated PeerTube instances, in a specific PeerTube instance or in a video channel you like. You can also subscribe to comment feeds!
  • A more relevant search, with the ability to set advanced filters (duration, category, tags...)
  • Subscriptions throughout the federation: you can follow your favorite video channels and see all the videos on a dedicated page
  • Redundancy system: a PeerTube instance can help sharing some videos from another instance

We know that feature descriptions are not very amusing, so we have published a few demonstration videos:

This is the last newsletter regarding the PeerTube crowdfunding. We would like to thank you one more time, for allowing us to greatly improve PeerTube, and therefore to promote a more decentralized web. But the journey does not end here: we will continue to work on the software, and there is still a lot to do to fully free up video streaming. But before anything, we'll take a few days off ;)

We remind you that you can ask questions on the PeerTube forum. You can also contact us directly on


PeerTube crowdfunding newsletter #3
September 12, 2018

Hello everyone!

A month before the version 1 of PeerTube, we would like to share some (good!) news with you.

We just released PeerTube beta 12, that allows to subscribe to video channels, whether they are on your instance or even on remote instances. This way, you can browse videos of your subscribed channels in a dedicated page. Moreover, if your PeerTube administrator allows it, you can search a channel or a video directly by typing their web address in the PeerTube search bar.

It was not included in the crowdfunding, but we created an "Overview" page, that displays videos of some categories/tags/channels picked randomly, to show the diversity of the videos uploaded on PeerTube. You can see a demonstration here.

You can read the complete beta 12 changelog here.

Regarding the crowdfunding, most of the rewards are ready: the PeerTube README and the JoinPeerTube Hall of Fame show off the names of the persons who have chosen the corresponding rewards. We will soon be able to send the personalized thank-you digital arts to people that gave 80€ (~93 USD) and more (and it's so beautiful that we are looking forward to it!).

The last feature we have to implement is the videos redundancy between instances, which will further increase resilience on instance overload. If all goes well, we should finish it in about two weeks (end of september).

We remind you that you can track the progress of the work directly on the git repository, and be part of the discussions/bug reports/feature requests in the "Issues" tab.

Moreover, you can ask questions on the PeerTube forum. You can also contact us directly on


PeerTube crowdfunding newsletter #2
August 20, 2018

Hello everyone!

The development of the crowdfunding features is going well.

As a reminder, in the first newsletter (July 23rd, 2018), we announced that the localization system and RSS feeds were implemented, and that we were making progress on the subtitles support and the advanced search.

These four features are all implemented, and can already be used on instances updated to version v1.0.0-beta.10 (for example Regarding the subtitles support, you can test them on the the "What is PeerTube" video.

We are currently finishing the video import system, from a URL (YouTube, Vimeo etc) or a torrent file. This feature should be available in a few days, when we will release a new version (v1.0.0-beta.11).
The import system will complete the first crowdfunding goal. The next feature we will be working on will be the user subscriptions.

We remind you that you can track the progress of the work directly on the git repository, and be part of the discussions/bug reports/feature requests in the "Issues" tab.

Moreover, you can ask questions on the PeerTube forum. You can also contact us directly on


PeerTube crowdfunding newsletter #1
July 23, 2018

Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you again for contributing to PeerTube! ❤️

During the crowdfunding campaign, we continued to work on the localization system. And we are happy to announce it's finally completed: it will be available in the next beta (beta 10) of PeerTube. As of this writing, the web interface is already available in english, french, basque, catalan, czech and esperanto (huge thank you to all of the translators). If you too want to help translating PeerTube, do not hesitate to check out the documentation!

Regarding the RSS feeds feature, it was already implemented by Rigelk and you can already use it in the beta 9. You can, for example, get the feed of the last local videos uploaded in a particular instance.

Subtitles support is well under way, and we should have a first version available soon. When this work is finished, we will develop the advanced search.

We remind you that you can track the progress of the work directly on the git repository, and be part of the discussions/bug reports/feature requests in the "Issues" tab.

Moreover, you can ask questions on the PeerTube forum. You can also contact us directly on