Learn all about PeerTube v5!

🎉 PeerTube v5 is now available 🎉.

For this occasion, we have published a blog post summing up a year of hard work and improvements on the PeerTube ecosystem.

It also presents the new features of PeerTube v5, and what we feel we might work on next year.

We would like to thank every person who has contributed to the PeerTube ecosystem throughout the year: y'all are amazing! This year, some features have been directly funded by PeerTube-supporting organizations (see our blogpost). Put together, their contributions represent a small half of our annual budget dedicated to PeerTube (which we estimate at 70 000 €). The other part comes from Framasoft’s budget, i.e. from the donations that our non profit receives from its mainly French-speaking community. To us, it seems almost unfair that it is mainly French speakers who finance a tool that has a truly international scope… So we need your help. Spread the word about our donation campaign around you, especially outside the French-speaking world.

If you want to help us fund our work in 2023 on PeerTube v6 and many other projects, please consider supporting Framasoft, share the address support.framasoft.org on your PeerTube platforms, in your communities that benefit from this alternative.

We hope you will enjoy PeerTube v5,